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Catalogue Description

  • A printed catalogue distributed to your target audience can provide a high return on investment for your marketing.
  • The consumer makes decisions upon seeing the products listed in the catalogue, with highlighted special prices on offer.
  • We, at Avis Printing, print a range of catalogues – A4 and A5 size, with multiple pages from a simple 4 printed page catalogue to 32 printed pages or more in CMYK full-colour process.
  • The catalogues can be glued or saddle-stitched.
  • These are printed high-quality gloss paper or lower cost coldest papers or even 100% newsprint.
  • We can cater to your various quantity needs and with variations for overprinting of distributor details as per the client’s requirements.
  • We can also arrange distribution through reputable distribution companies in Sydney.
  • We can arrange delivery of the finished catalogues anywhere in Australia. Place your order for Catalogue Printing Services Sydney.
  • The print run can range from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands as per the client’s needs.


Magazine Description

  • Our range of printed magazines ranges from A5 to A4 size and printed pages up to 96 or higher.
  • These are printed in simple one colour to full colour and on a range of papers from offset to high gloss look.
  • The magazines can be saddle-stitched or perfect bound to suit the client needs and a number of printed pages.
  • We work to produce a high-quality job for our clients and can cater to their needs and set deadlines.
  • The quantity can range from a few hundred to several thousand.
  • The printed magazines can be delivered anywhere in NSW or all over Australia.


A4 Potrait Magazines 8 pp 80 GSM 150 GSM Gloss Stock Full Colour Saddle Stitch 50
A5 Landscape Magazines 12 pp 100 GSM 200 GSM Matt Stock   Perfect Bound 100
DL Bleeding-edged Magazines 16 pp 130 GSM 250 GSM Single-sided Glazed Cello   Glued 250
  White-edged Magazines 20 pp 150 GSM 300 GSM Single-sided Matt Cello   500
  24 pp 170 GSM 350 GSM Double-sided Glazed Cello   1000
  28 pp 200 GSM   Double-sided Matt Cello   2000
  32 pp Custom     3000
  36 pp     4000
  40 pp     5000
  44 pp     10000
  48 pp     50000
  52 pp     100000
  56 pp     Bulk Order Discount for Large Quantities
  60 pp      
  64 pp      
  68 pp      
  72 pp      
  76 pp      
  80 pp      
  84 pp      
  88 pp      
  92 pp      
  96 pp      
  100 pp      
  104 pp      
  108 pp      
  112 pp      
  116 pp      
  120 pp      
  124 pp      
  128 pp      
  132 pp      
  136 pp      
  140 pp      
  144 pp      
  148 pp      
  152 pp      
  156 pp      
  160 pp      
  164 pp      
  168 pp      
  172 pp      
  176 pp      
  180 pp      
  184 pp      
  188 pp      
  192 pp      
  196 pp      
  200 pp      
    Custom Page Numbers            
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