Artwork Setup Guide

Avis Printing brings you an artwork setup guide so that your print job goes on smoothly without running into any unforeseen problems. The design you share goes through a proper check to detect any issues and our designers will be happy to give suggestions and talk you through it towards a perfect print.

Request your Template Files

If you are looking to design and print products like business cards, letterheads or booklets, then speak to our representatives to set up the correct dimensions. Avis Printing also offers templates so you can create an artwork that is easily printable. We provide you with more than one template file for each section of your documents, such as the cover and the pockets.

You can obtain the correct dimensions for your artwork through our template files. The templates will have a number of different features to help in the artwork, such as the following:

1. Trim Line
The solid blue line indicates the trimmed size of the document.

2. Fold Line
The document can be creased and folded from the dashed blue line.

3. Bleed Area
Then there is a light blue solid area which is the bleed area for the document.

4. Untrimmed Size
The trimmed size plus the bleed area is the untrimmed size of the document. Your artwork should be of this size in order to print successfully.

5. Create your Artwork
Use the correct template for your artwork. Check out the following instructions in order to print your artwork successfully:

1. Set your artwork to the appropriate size, including the bleed area.
2. Delete all the guidelines, templates and marks.
3. Do not add important text or graphics closer than 5mm from the line to be trimmed.
4. All images have to be 300dpi without compression at the finished size.
5. Your images and documents should be converted to CMYK.
6. Embed all fonts and convert all text to outlines.
7. Save the document as a PDF/x-1a (industry standard format).
8. Delete or hide the template layer wherever applicable.

Contact Us:

Avis Printing values customer satisfaction and strives hard to bring your dream artwork print project to reality. If you need help with an art setup or have any questions, please send us an email at or call us on 02 9893 9131 or 0425 333 990 to get quality prints ready the same day!