Bleed Print Management

What Does Bleed Means in The Print Industry?

In the printing industry, the term “bleed” is referred to when your background colour or image outspreads all the way to the edge of the print sheet. It allows you to run an artwork to the edge of a print paper. Usually, it is printed on a larger sheet of paper and then later trimmed down.

The area to be trimmed off is known as the “bleed”.

The bleed is to ensure that the edges around the artwork are not left unprinted in the final printed project after the trimming. In simple words, a bleed is the extended area of your artwork beyond the crop marks on the print paper usually 1/8″.

What Does Bleed Do?

When an artwork is printed on a large sheet of paper be it for banners, Corflute Signs, posters or brochures, a bleed allows you to run a design or image to the edge of a page which can be trimmed later around the edges. Bleed print management is really important to avoid any misalignment by cutting the design that outruns the crop area.

A hairline white edge is often left at the edges due to small mechanical variations which are fixed by extending the images beyond the final trim size. This ensures our clients get the results they need without any surprises.

Why Is Bleed So Important?

We being your local artwork team of designers are dedicated to improving the quality of your work by incorporating bleed to your print project. It can be incorporated into any of your print projects such as banners, corflute signs, posters or brochures.

The smaller border bleed is usually of about only 3mm around the edges of your print project. To make your print a seamless piece, your artwork should flow over into this border. The idea is very similar to colouring over the lines you wish to cut. Just like cropping a digital image, the part of an image that appears in the bleed is cut off from the final finish product. That is why we usually have background colours and images in the bleed area so all the important details in the artwork remain intact.

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