Print Checklist Essentials

Printing doesn’t have to be a complicated task. But, it somehow ends up taking so much of your time, energy and money. Much of this hassle could easily be avoided by following a few essentials. Instead of sending your soft copy in whatever format it currently is, it pays to invest some time talking to your Printing Company to make sure you are sending the correct files in the correct formats to avoid any delays or surprises at the end.

Here’s a quick and concise print checklist essentials guide

That should help you avoid errors by spotting if you have missed anything.

1. Check your file formats. Refer to our Artwork Requirement and Setup Guides for specific details
2. MUST: Convert all RGB files to CMYK.
3. Nominate all colours as CMYK or Pantone
4. Convert your text to paths, curves and outlines.
5. Include all fonts (screen and printer) on disk.
6. Use all images with 300dpi resolution or more otherwise it wouldn’t be crisp
7. Do not use 4-color text with fonts that are smaller than 12 pt.
8. If there are FPO graphics, mark them as such.
9. Templates are available for most of our standards (refer detailed guides)
10. Link all graphics files.
11. Fonts are catchy BUT avoid using more than 4 different fonts in a single document.
12. If something isn’t relevant to a certain task, do not send us that file as it causes confusion
13. Don’t use borders on trim edges or it will create issues during the trimming process.
14. Add 1/8″ to all sides of your copy for bleeds.
15. 5mm bleed scale.
16. IMPORTANT: Please make sure you own all images or have a license for print production.

Not sure about what we are saying above? Or have another question? Drop us your queries at or talk to us on 02 9893 9131 or 0425 333 990