Cheap Printing Sydney

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Avis Printing is a company with over 30 years of experience in design and printing. We have high-quality services for all your printing needs and you do not even need to worry about the usual expensive rates that come with good quality printing.

With Avis Printing Sydney, comes great regard for your budget, which is why we provide our digital printing services at economically feasible rates.

Our cheap printing services in Sydney

Some of the deals that come with our Cheap Printing Services Sydney include:

  • A 100 A2 posters in full colour, single sided and 150 GSM gloss from $5.50 ea.
  • 10 A3 Wall Calendars from $40. Printed in full colour, matt celloglazed, strong magnet or double-sided tape.
  • 10,000x A4-DL Menu available in from $899 in full colour 150 GSM, double-sided, score and fold.
  • 1000 A4 Newsletter, 4pp from $590 in full colour, 150 GSM Gloss.
  • 1000x A5 L/Head/Forms in black print 80 GSM from $55.
  • 20x A5 Notepads 50 pages with 1 PMS colour, single sided and 80 GSM from $79.
  • 500 Budget Business Cards in full colour with 300 GSM Gloss, single-sided from $77.
  • 500x C4 Envelopes 2 PMS colours, plain-faced with peel and seal from $250.
  • 500 DL Envelopes 1 PMS colour, window faced and self-sealed for $99.
  • 500x DVD high definition video and audio track with the offer of a designed title page with printing in full colour and provided with a paper case from only $1.99 ea.
  • 50 A4 Presentation Folders comes with single logo with text on a white background with a single-sided print, scored and folded available with an attachable pocket from $6.90 per folder.
  • 1000 Raffle tickets come with books of 50 with 70x200mm size and have 1 standard colour which is single sided, numbered and perfed, and can be stapled or padded from only $195.
  • 100 A4 Invoice Books for $16.90 per book and has single-sided, numbered and duplicated print which is perfed, collated and bound in 50’s.
  • 50 A5 Booklets, 12pp available in full colour and 150 GSM gloss with saddle stitched and self-cover from $299.
  • 25x Invitations- A5 available in black and white colour with 280 GSM linen board and single-sided print from only $2.45 ea.
  • 1000 A6 flyers in full colour with 150GSM gloss and single-sided print from $110.
  • 2000x Business cards in full colour with 350 GSM, double side print and gloss celloglazed from $275.
  • 1000 DL Calendars in full colour with single sided 300 GSM gloss stock print for $299.
  • 20 DL Docket Books for $9.90 ea in duplicate with 1 standard colour and single-sided print. It is numbered, perfed, collated and bound.
  • 100 Wedding Invitation Sets- DL includes invitation, RSVP card and bridal shower card with full colour, 300 GSM speciality board, small silver foil (on 1 card) and white envelopes (unprinted) for only $11 ea.
  • x1000 Pens are plastic ballpoints with single colour print for 79₵ ea
  • 400 Venue Entry Tickets for $169 with full colour, 50×200 size, 128 GSM and single-sided print which is numbered and perfed.

If you are looking for a quick turnaround for your printing needs in Sydney that don’t cost you an arm and a leg, give us a call (02) 9893 9131 or 0425 333 990 or email us at