Colour and Resolution Guidelines

When you wish to take a printout, whether it is through digital printing or offset printing that would have the best-desired effect on your audience, it is first important to decide the nature of your audience and the true purpose of your product and what affect you wish to bring out with it.

More precisely, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is the recipient?
  • What is the main point that you wish the recipient to catch from it?
  • What is the call to action for it?
  • What will the method to distribute the piece be?
  • How far does your budget allow you to go?

After having a complete and definite answer to all of the above-stated questions, you can easily move on to deciding the nature of the colour and resolution for your piece.

The Colour Format

The two different sectors of colours tend to differ with the printers being used and the display seen on our computer monitors. There are two kinds of colour formats:

· CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)
· RGB (Red, Green and Blue)

It is common for digital and offset printing to use the CMYK colour format whereas computer monitors tend to use the RGB colour format. Since printing out the RGB would result in a duller and much darker image because of the fact that its colour variants are beyond the reach of CMYK to reproduce, it is highly recommended that the RGB image be converted to CMYK before getting a printout. This will mean a more accurate printout.

The Resolution

Resolution is the number of pixels or individual points of colour that are displayed. In order to choose the best image resolution, keep the following things in mind:

  • Pictures with a lower resolution tend to lack detail and will look foggy.
  • Any picture with a resolution of 400 dpi will only mean a heavier file with no actual improvement in its quality.
  • You can improve the base resolution of an image by decreasing its size or by recapturing it.
  • At the final size in the layout, your image should be 300 dpi

With all of these guidelines in mind, you are likely to reach the best result as per your desire. If you are still unsure about details related to the colour and resolution of your product, then you can ask us in-house designers for help at any stage.

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