Templates: Folds & Fonts

Templates are designed to help everyone see what their end product will look like before starting the actual print job. For every print job – whether it’s printing of Conflute Signs, flyers, posters, or something else – there are various templates available.

These templates are basically prototypes that are designed keeping the end product in mind. Instead of using general terms, it is always recommended to verify the exact template you want so that the time and money both are saved during a print job.

Templates: Folds – what does it mean

The way your finished printed product will be folded has to be kept in consideration before sending some file to the printing process. The design, its number of lines on a page and its content should not overlay during the fold process. It essentially means that, for example,(this is for reference only) if you are getting a brochure printed that will be folded in a certain way, no design or text should be impacted by this fold process.

Aligning the elements correctly keeping the folds in mind is very critical to a good end product. This will avoid overlapping and design crop issue.

Templates: fonts

The same theory applies to fonts. Different design elements are displayed in different fonts depending on the emphasis we need on a particular part of a printed product. For example, if you are going to print something, you shouldn’t use fonts smaller than 7pt as that will not appear pleasant to the eye when printed on a paper. Text should be converted to outlines before sending your final file to the printing company.

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