Tips for Designing a Compelling Brochure for Your Business

Designing a brochure is a rewarding task. There’s nothing like developing something that you can hold, touch and read. Plus, Brochure Design is more than just an arrangement of elements—it includes texture, colors, and some feels that any online project can’t convey.

Designing a compelling and perfect handout can be intimidating. In addition to all the Brochure Design Ideas you usually think about, you need to make certain considerations that are specific to printed projects. We have a few Brochure Designing tips for you.
Brochure Designing tips

Today we’re taking a look at the most valuable tips for designing your next brochure!

  • Understand Print Specifications: You should think about the paper size, folds, and bleed before sitting to design. It’s essential to know the printer’s capability before getting too deep into the design process. For thick, booklet-style brochures, you might also want to consider the assembly of pages.
  • Consider the audience: The shape, size, and distribution of your leaflet design should reflect the audience who will receive it. Even designs that seem like traditional paper brochures can be shared digitally with interactive features in a PDF. Thicker or more robust booklets with multiple pages are more appropriate for stakeholders or vital partners.
  • Use High-quality everything: You can’t get away with low-quality components when producing something for print. Any low-res photo or illustration will become evident easily. A demo typeface that’s not suitable for print will pixelate. It would help if you used high-quality, high-resolution everything (including high-quality paper) to ensure that your brochure design looks excellent. That includes images, icons and logos, illustrations, typefaces, and sharp colour palettes.
  • Don’t forget the CTA: One of the most commonly left off in printed Brochures is the call-to-action. What is the goal of the brochure? What should users do after they read it? Making that action clear to them can help in the growth of your business.
  • Stick to a visual theme: Fix a theme for your brochure design and stick to it. This is essential when you are thinking about a page-to-page design. A solid theme sets the perfect tone for the Brochure Design and provides a consistent user experience.
  • Proof it as many times as you can: You can never proof the design too many times. Mistakes in print as quite costly.
  • Design for Brochure Printing purposes: Remember to design your handout for printing. Use CMYK colour, create a bleed where required, pay attention to how segments will look across breaks and folds. Sometimes it can be hard to comprehend how a complicated print design will look when it actually comes to life. Create a practice copy, even if you have to cut pages and tape them together. This practice ensures that elements and pages in the brochure look as intended.

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